All of these started in 2008, when we were sitting together, talking about our favorite things to do. We`re a group of friends that has placed our heart in photography, it`s like breathing and living, We`re attached to it. It`s our dream to capture thousands of smiles and share wonderful moment. We all sit together and we decided to make our hobby in photography become our professions. Then we came up with a name "Segitiga Fotografi" as our title. It was adapted from the basic knowledge of photography that put us together with every detail of our project and present it as well as we could to our beloved clients.

It`s our pleasure to know each of you, sharing opinions and thoughts, and deliver those amazing thoughts through each shots we captured. We put every single passion and dreams of our clients and present your beautiful moments in thousands of pictures that even words can`t describe.

So together we make your day and catch every moment of your life story, because with our hearts we deliver your stories and moments. We can`t wait to catch up with you and your pleasant stories to capture.
"We don't remember day, but we remember moments" - Cesare Pavese